BoatLanes Customer Testimonials:

Okay I want you guys to know that last Thursday I went to Toledo and stayed at Cypress Bend, I had only been on the lake with someone else last year for a couple of days, and prior to that I fished the far north end over 25 years ago. 

We put in on Thursday and once I got the tracks where the overlay was clear on my Humminbird, we were off.  Your product was dead on!!! With the lake as low as it is, for someone like me to run and fish the lake without getting lost made me feel much safer on the water.

Thank you so much.

Eddie Payne
Tomball, Texas


I downloaded Boatlanes for Toledo Bend and used it the next day, very helpful product. The only negative comment is that it didn't help catch any fish.





I purchased and with your help I installed lake Fork Boat Lanes in my Lowrance HDS. I ran the lanes and was so impressed with the accuracy thaty on the morning of the Ram Tournament last Sunday I was able to run to my fishing spot on plane before daylight. The only problem was that we had to have a spotlight to see the bouys. I have been fishing Fork for eight years have this is the greatest product I have seen for fishing Lake Fork.
Thanks for Boatlanes.

Kevin L. Barks


Shortly after buying my Skeeter in Jan of 98, so around the summer of 98 – my son & I decided to fish the Skeeter Owners tourney on Fork.  Not having fished Fork before and w/ gps a somewhat new technology (running a LMS 160 then) I wanted to enter in the “Boatlanes” so we could get around faster.  I bought a map that had the symbol “B” on it indication “Boatlanes”.  It was not easy, but I painstakingly calculated the gps coordinates for each “B” and entered it in the LMS so I would know where the “Boatlanes” were.  Long story short, we launched way up in the NE fork and were fishing a road bed.  We caught an 8LB 14 oz Bass and dropped her in the livewell.  I remember looking at my 10 year old son and saying “Now let’s see what this boat can do!!” (a 200HP in 98 was about as big as there was).  We idled over to the bridge and zoomed in on the LMS 160, to pick up the waypoints marking the “Boatlanes” I had so painstakingly entered.  We hooked it up and were running the waypoints when I heard my son say “Watch Out Dad!!!”  I looked up and a “BUOY” (B for BUOY) was dead ahead of us right where I had entered the waypoint marking “Boatlanes”……..I looked back at the “Buoy” with an embarrassed smile on my face and hit the trim button, as I knew for sure that I was in the “Boatlane” now.  We ran all the way to the weigh in passing Buoys at each waypoint I had painstakingly entered at home from the map.  One thing for sure, those waypoints I guesstimated were almost dead on!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for service you provide..sure is a lot easier!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pete Dodge


I have only fished Lake Fork a few times, so I was very happy when I found the boat lanes chip for my electronics.  I was on the lake this past weekend....less than perfect conditions  -  sure am glad that I had the boat lanes chip, it sure came in handy.   Thank you

Brian Ketterer


I just returned from a trip to Fork. While I was there, I purchased your map card (BoatLanes) at Lake Fork Marina and it was awesome. I have been running the lanes at Fork since 1990, but this was the first time that I never looked for a buoy and focused on my GPS.

Great product.

James W.
Spring, Texas

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Your Boatlanes chip was indispensable this weekend at McDonald's on Rayburn. I had never been on the lake before I started practicing for the tournament. Running at night to a spot 15 miles up the lake ... I never would have found it without your chip. Thanks for a great product. Thanks for marking the timber on the lake and how to run it. Wow! I only wish it could have told me where and how to fish the lake... 

Thanks for a great product!



I purchased boatlanes for my second trip back to fork, and all I can say
is thank you. I had a very easy time navigating around the lake with boat lanes loaded on my lowrance, took the guessing out if the object in the distance was a buoy or tree.
This product is a must have for fisherman on lake fork who want to get around with ease and not worry about if they're going the right way.

Steven G.
Belton, TX

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I recently purchased your product for Lake Fork at Lake Fork Marina. Great product and very detailed. I'am basically new to Lake Fork and have found that boatlanes laid on top of my Navionic map makes for a safe trip on the lake.

Thanks for such a great product


I recently purchased the Lake Fork boat lanes memory card for my H/bird electronics.  This is a great resource.  I think I saved in gas $$$ what I spent on the card.  I didn’t realize you had Rayburn and Toledo combo cards with Fork ‘till I got back home and checked the website.  I would like to get the combo with all three, but already spent the $30 on Fork.  Can you help me out on the combo for all three?  I have already sent messages to all my fishing buddies about the card for Fork, so I’m sure you’ll be getting orders for at least the Fork card.  Great product to add to the Navionics I already had.

Please let me know.

Bill P.
Wake Village, TX


I purchased boatlanes yesterday and went to lake fork today, it worked GREAT… I have fished lake fork for over 10 years and what a difference having boatlanes installed on my lowrance makes; I have peace of mind and am much more confident when running the lake. Thanks for making boatlanes, I would love any updates if it is ever updated in the future…

Robert B.

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I bought the rayburn toledo last week and I can tell you its well worth the investment. Just think how much gas it took to just run the lakes and make this fine product. Last time I was at toledo the boat lanes down south were so bad that I continuosly ran out of them before I could spot the next bouy. The north end bouys were even worse, I fished a tourney this past weekend and put the boatlanes to the test! To my surprise they had remarked the boatlanes on the lake better than it oringinally was. But there were still new bouys missing so I do not expect them to last long. We launched form Cypress bend in the fog, it was so bad you could not see "bouy to bouy" and they are about 100 yds apart. I loaded the track line and the gps cordinates and navigated all the way to 1215 with no problems. While running into the 1215 area there were bouys missing but with this program installed I had no problems picking back up on the bouy line. Needless to say I ran the same route the day before in clear blue skys or I would not have done this. I was boat the 2nd to the last boat out and beat numerous boats to the area. And no I did not go any faster than on plain speed for safety reasons of course. All I can say is excellent product for a minimal investment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Signed Joe Fisherman!!!!

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Another great product from Boatlanes. This chip (BOATLANES Lake Sam Rayburn) takes the ease of navigating to another level. I used the lake Fork version and was really pleased with the ease of use. I was able to go anywhere on the lake with no problems even though I had only been on the lake once before.
The Sam Rayburn chip is even better because you can chose between having trails or waypoints or both and the ease of use is there also. Just set your graph to use the built in pointer and you can go anywhere on the lake with no problem. Zoomed in the trails seem to work better for me.
Just a reminder that Rayburn is really low so be careful. The Boatlanes chip is great and their service and customer support are the best. I could not get my first Lake Fork chip to load so I called and left a voice message...She called me back from a tournament her husband was fishing... and got one of their dealers to give me a new one.

Cut and Shoot ,Tx


Thanks for the “technical support” today !
I just installed my recent purchase from you.
Since my LMS 332C was of an older version, (prompted by your product) ,
I had to update it by using the downloads from
After reading that I needed to update my LGS-2000 GPS Module first, then my head unit,
I went ahead and purchased a 2GB scandisk for these efforts.
After loading JAVA onto my computer .. (needed for the downloads),
all of the downloads/updates onto the Scandisk went smoothly and the upload to my head unit of the boatlanes was extremely effortless.

Thanks for investing the time to make this product.
I hope to get up to Fork in the near future.


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I just installed the boatlanes in my gps and boy am I glad... I feel a lot better knowing how to get in some the places that I would like to go but tooooo afraid of the stumps.
With the lake being so full right now it sure is a big help to have a good idea where you are going and can feel sure that you can miss the stumps. I have seen some new timber show up in places that was not there a few weeks ago.
I know that we still need to be carefull however I feel better seeing all the extra lane marks.
Freeing up the pointer was neat. Couldn't figure out what the number was on the pointer then I woke up and saw the light.
Thanks for sharing this info with us.


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I checked with Cameron (Lake Fork Marina) and...Just want to thank you and Cameron for your good customer service.

Ron K.


… I've loaded the card to both of my units. Outstanding!!


Bruce S.

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 As I promised I wanted to get back to you after I had a chance to use the new Lake Fork Boatlane Chip in my Lowrance unit at the Take a Soldier Fishing Event on 9/27/08. I only have one word to describe the chip " WOW " that is absolutely incredible. This is the first time I have run that lake with confidence that I was in a boat lane. I would give my left arm to have a chip like this on some of the other lakes in our area. I was even able to put my soldier Justin Craft on some good fish picture included. I am looking forward to get back on Fork with some of our USSA kids and using the boatlanes again.

Thanks so much,

Perry Powell
VP of United Special Sportsman Alliance
Skeeter Boats


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I have your lanes installed in a 337C and love it.  Especially the pointer.
...Great product, and thanks for the assist.

Yantis, Texas







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Thank you for your business!